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Dragon Orchard

Fruit growing and selling for the small-scale producer has become ever more challenging over the years.

It is a privilege to live in such beautiful surroundings and it is a delight to share the pleasures of the orchard with others.

Through Dragon Orchard Cropsharers and the Sponsor A Tree Scheme, it is our sincere hope to involve people in the fruit farm and enable us to cherish and maintain the orchard and the wildlife within it for many years to come.

Discovery at harvest
Learn about Cropsharers Learn about our Sponsor A Tree scheme

Calendar of Events

DATES in 2015DATES in 2016Description
January 10th & 11th January 9th & 10th Winter Cropsharers' Weekend with Wassail
April 25th - Saturday May 7th - Saturday Sponsor a tree day
May Bank Holiday Weekend 2nd, 3rd & 4th Bank Holiday Weekend April 30th, May 1st, 2nd Spring Cropsharers' Weekend & "Big Apple" Blossomtime Weekend
July 12th & 13th    Summer Cropsharers' Weekend
October 10th & 11th October 8th & 9th  Autumn Cropsharers' Weekend and "Big Apple" Harvestime Weekend.  Dragon Orchard open for collection of Cropshare.


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