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Blenheim Superb and The Wonder in the snowOur two new very special dessert products have been launched this week!

Blenheim Superb follows on from the success of our Blenheim Orange Dessert Cider launched last year to critical acclaim. This new vintage sees the introductoin of Laxton Superb apples in the blend which gives the cider a touch more crispness to balance the sweetness to give a refreshing finish to the palate. Tasting note:

Tart apple & honeyed nose, with just a hint of spice. The viscous palate has concentrated flavours of apple, apricot, honey and spiced orange with incredible length to the finish. Intensely sweet, but perfectly balancing acidity to give a refreshing finish. Enjoy as an aperitif, partner with foie gras or pâté, with strong hard cheese, or apple or citrus based desserts.

The Wonder is named after a local landmark - a huge landslip that occurred on the Marcle Ridge in 1575, enveloping a chapel at nearby Kinnaston, that Victorians came from far and wide to view. As well as the local connection, the name seemed appropriate for this unique dessert pear wine, which has never been commercially attempted anywhere before! Conference and Comice pears were used in its production, which gives a unique character to the end product. Tasting Note:

Muted spiced pear aromas with a hint of brioche. A rich, powerful, palate with intense flavours of apricot, quince and a hint of soft caramel. Sweetness, acidity and a long, soft tannin finish are perfectly balanced. Perfect as an aperitif, partner with foie gras or pâté, with blue cheese, or chocolate based desserts.

Our Blenheim Superb and The Wonder are made using icewine prinicples to concentrate the juice prior to fermentation. The potential alcohol of the juice is between 18 - 20 % and has incredible intensity of flavour and aroma. Once the fermentations are stopped, the unfermented remaining sugar gives the products their fruity sweetness.

You can buy a twin bottle mail pack of these two special products for a UK mainland delivered price of £40 - see our mixed case section in our online shop.

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