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I was looking for Pupitres to borrow, rent, or even buy to "riddle" our Champagne method sparkling cider and perry before our new automated riddling machine arrives. Whilst searching for "pupitres" on ebay came across someone selling this excellent postcard:

Pupitres in BulmersPupitres_in_Bulmers_Back

What an incredible sight that must have been - 200,000 bottles turned by hand every day. Assuming a 3 week cycle, they would be able to make nearly 3.5 million bottles per year. This traditional cider is all but lost, big volume production costed out of the market place by an extortionate duty regime, but we are doing our bit to revive quality traditional method sparkling cider and perry! We will be riddling around 5,000 bottles of the 2009 vintage this year, releasing by the end of May. We'll keep you informed!

By the way, you can see some of the racks, and original disgorging equipment at the Hereford Cider Museum - worth a visit!


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