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What happens when you let an award winning winemaker loose with the fruit of one of the
best apple orchards in the country?

Launched 3rd May 2008, speciality food & drink enthusiasts, Ann & Norman Stanier and Hannah & Simon Day, founded Once Upon A Tree through a passion to create the best quality apple juice and cider from the highest quality fruit, whilst continuing to preserve the heritage and tradition of cidermaking in the area.

The apples are sourced, and the juice and cider made at Ann & Norman’s Dragon Orchard situated in the heart of the traditional apple growing area of Putley near the Marcle Ridge in Herefordshire. With a combination of good orchard management, fantastic soils and perfect mesoclimate, the fruit produced is some of the best available anywhere in the UK, with the apples attaining full ripeness yet retaining character and flavour. Juice and Cider maker, Simon Day is an experienced professional winemaker who decided to turn his hand to cider making after walking through the local orchards and seeing the potential to use winemaking skills to capture the true characters of the apples in the juice and ciders.

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