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Harry Taylors Pickers Token
Harry Taylors Pickers Token 
Herefordshire PGI Cider
50cl Medium Sparkling Cider

Made with 100% Dabinett apples, this cider is deep golden in colour. Bittersweet aromas with apple skin, and a herbaceous note. Rich palate with a gentle caramel sweetness of ripe apple & soft tannins giving body to the cider and a balancing green apple tang to the finish.

Discount if you buy 12 or more bottles of this cider - £3.50 per bottle!


Named after Dragon Orchard owner Norman Stanier’s great grandfather, Harry Taylor, who created the many orchards of Putley for the village Squire in the late 1800s. Together they established the area as a fine producer of orchard fruit which was then sent to markets far and wide with the emergence of the railways.  Norman helped his father in the orchard from a young age and remembers the hard work involved; planting trees on Christmas day and harvests that used to take six weeks.

Pickers Token:
Pickers were paid as pience workers, and given a brass token for each bushel of apples picked.  These tokens could be exchanged for cash at the end of the day or week, but were often traded as currency between pickers; or even used in the local shop & pubs. We still have a number of the specially stamped tokens that Harry used all those years ago.



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